📌 Custom web design

💍 Exclusive

Since 1999, handcrafted programming always with the latest technologies, line by line, light, fast, powerful, efficient, always up to date and with maximum security.

📱 Adaptative design

Adaptable to all devices: personal computers, laptops, netbooks, mobiles, tablets, smart TVs...

💻 Compatible

Cross browser compatible: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari...

Your website perfectly viewable.

🏁 Fast

The maximum possible efficiency subjecting the code to rigorous speed and performance tests.

Who likes to wait?

😎 Intuitive

Only with the options that your company or business needs. Do not waste time searching on the screen.

🌎 Multi language

The physical world is becoming small. Communicate in the language of your current and future customers.

📂 Database

Optimized to effectively manage your products, services, customers, suppliers... Automate the generation of reports, correspondence and personalized documents.

Intranet. Back and front office. You are in control.

👷 Updates

Is your website outdated? Do you need more features? Do you want to bring it to 2024?

💡 Customized

How does your company stand out? What makes it different? Distinguish yourself from the rest!

Do you have an idea? Would you like to move it to the virtual world?

🌐 Geolocation

Include the geolocation of your products in your webapp. Try it now:

🀫 Barcode reader

Allow access to your database on smartphones thanks to the barcode reader implemented in your webapp.

Press the button to scan the GS1-128 (EAN-128) barcode:

🛒 e-Commerce

Your website can be your best advertiser and seller.
Do you need a corporate website that reinforces the value of your brand?
How about a virtual store with showcase and payment gateway?

📧 e-Mail

Essential corporate email with the name of your brand or company.

🔍 Positioning

The Internet is huge. Do you want to be found? Let's go for it!

📊 Statistics

When, how, what, how much, from where... do the users of your website search? Analyze this invaluable data to plan and develop new strategies in your business activity that will allow you to achieve your goals.

👍 Social networks

Your potential clientele is waiting for you. Keep it informed of your promotions, offers, events...

💶 Low cost

  • The advantage of dealing directly with a freelancer programmer, without neither intermediaries nor burdening the bureaucratic costs and administrative infrastructures of large organizations.
  • Great savings using free software always updated.
  • Your website from 199 € per year.

💼 Portfolio

✅ Web sites

interDidactica.com MecaGratis.com ContaGratis.com interDidactica.net interDidactica.eu CostaSolXeraco.com Audifor.es ReformesGeroni.com


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